Kumar Rajesh Singh

Kumar Rajesh Singh (fondly known as KR among colleague and friends) is veteran mining engineer with over 30 years of experience across mining life cycle.

KR is Mining Engineering Graduate from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad and is first class mining engineer.

In his early days of career, he started with Coal India Limited (CIL) and for his passion in Coal Sector, he spent 15 years with various subsidiaries of CIL both in operations of coal mines as well as Mine Planning.

Since 2008, he moved to private sector and since then spent 15 years in private sector building and establishing good mine planning practices, prepared and got mine plan approved for some of the difficult and complex projects.

Over his 30 years of experience, he has prepared and got approved numerous mine plan, feasibility reports and DPRs for coal mining projects covering all the major coalfields in India.

Additionally he has extensively evaluated various coal blocks offered to private sector.

To his credit, he has optimised mining plan, scheme, operations parameters and established best practices to reduce cost of production in multiple mines across India, Indonesia and Australia.

He is well versed and have evaluated various technologies for mining including Open case as well as UG methods with different technologies as well as equipment selection including new ways of mining such as longwall, dozer push, utilising alternative fuels, etc.

KR has also spearheaded technology adoption for a private company in mining planning and operations.

Pukhraj Sethiya

Pukhraj (also known as PS in professional and friend circle) is executive programme management graduate from IIM Ahmedabad and Mining Engineer from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. He also holds CFA (ICFAI) charter and Masters in Financial Analysis.

Of his 15 years of professional experience, he has spent about 13 years in consulting and a short stint as head business development (Natural Resources) for large corporate.

To his credit, he is building consulting practice from scratch for second time. In his previous role, he established mining sector focussed management consulting practice widely known across industry.

During his career, PS has advised various large and small clients both in India and other territories across range of issues in project identification, market studies, merger & acquisition, partner selection, corporate and business strategy, commercial contracts and project development.

He has worked extensively across minerals including Coal, Iron Ore, Potash, Phosphate, Copper, Gold, Rare Earths, Bauxite among others. He also have exposure to power and metals sectors.

PS has been extensively associated with procurement of MDO services, corporate planning and strategy for mining companies, policy advocacy, acquisition of mineral assets, evaluation of mining projects etc.

PS has been prominent speaker on various industry issues and have participated in various conferences and shared his views and insights on what matters to Industry.

He is also recognised recently as one of the “Top 10 IIT Dhanbad Alumni Business Leaders” by CEO Insights.

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