1. Exploration Design & Management:

In the mining industry, successful exploration lays the foundation for profitable operations. At Reval, we specialize in providing comprehensive mine exploration design and management services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our Offerings:

Strategic Exploration Planning:

Our approach to mine exploration begins with strategic planning based on thorough geological assessments and data analysis. We prioritize high-potential targets and optimize resource allocation to ensure cost-effective exploration programs.

Geological Modelling:

Using state-of-the-art modeling software, Geovia Surpac & Minex, we interpret geological data to identify mineralization zones accurately. Our 3D models guide exploration drilling programs and inform resource estimation efforts, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of exploration activities.

At Reval, we are dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency in mine exploration design and management. Our tailored solutions and industry expertise empower clients to unlock the full potential of their mineral assets while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing returns.

  1. Geological Report Preparation

At ReVal, we specialize in delivering comprehensive geological reports tailored to the specific needs of mining projects worldwide. Our services are designed to provide accurate and insightful assessments of geological data, helping mining companies make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

With our expertise in geological reporting, we compile and analyze geological data including exploration, drilling, and geological mapping. Our team of experienced geologists meticulously reviews and interprets the resource models to create detailed reports as per standard codes that provide valuable insights into the geological characteristics of mineral deposits.

Our geological reports play a vital role in supporting decision-making processes across all stages of mining projects. Whether it’s assessing the economic viability of a potential mining site, optimizing resource estimation and mine planning, or monitoring geological conditions during operations, our reports provide the essential information needed to guide strategic decisions and mitigate risks.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of clear and concise communication in conveying complex geological information. Our reports are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients while complying with applicable codes, ensuring that they are easy to understand and actionable.

By partnering with us for your geological report preparation needs, you can trust that you’ll receive high-quality, reliable reports that contribute to the success of your mining projects.

  1. Geological Modelling

At ReVal, we specialize in providing comprehensive geological modeling solutions tailored to the unique needs of mining operations worldwide. Our services are designed to assist mining companies in optimizing exploration, resource estimation, and mine planning processes.

With our expertise in geological modeling, we utilize advanced software such as Minex, Surpac among others, and methodologies to construct accurate three-dimensional representations of subsurface geology. By integrating geological data from different stages of exploration programs such as drilling, sampling, and geophysical surveys, we create detailed models that provide valuable insights into the distribution and characteristics of mineral deposits which play a crucial role in guiding decision-making processes throughout the mining lifecycle. From exploration and resource assessment to mine development and production planning, our models help identify optimal mining targets, design efficient mining layouts, and minimize operational risks.

Furthermore, our team of experienced geologists and mining engineers collaborates closely with clients to ensure that our resource models meet the specific objectives and requirements of the clients. Whether you’re exploring new prospects or optimizing existing operations, we are committed to delivering high-quality geological modeling solutions that drive success and maximize the value of your mining assets.

At ReVal, we believe in unlocking the full potential of your mining projects and helping you achieve a competitive edge in today’s challenging market environment.

  1. Resource Certification & Technical Auditing

At ReVal, we understand the critical role that resource certification and auditing play in ensuring transparency, accountability, and sustainability in the mining industry. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive certification and auditing services designed to meet the evolving needs of mining projects worldwide.

Our Offerings:

Resource Certification: We conduct independent evaluations of mineral reserves and resources to certify their quantity, quality, and economic viability in accordance with applicable codes/principles. Our team of qualified geologists and engineers utilizes rigorous methodologies of geological modeling to assess the reliability of resource estimates and classify them according to the reporting standards.

Operational & Technical Auditing: Our auditing services focus on evaluating mining operations to ensure compliance with both performance and mine plan compliance. We conduct site inspections, document reviews, and stakeholder consultations to assess operational performance, identify areas for improvement, and mitigate risks associated with regulatory non-compliance or reputational damage.

Compliance Monitoring: We offer ongoing compliance monitoring services to help mining companies maintain adherence to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and corporate policies. Our monitoring programs include regular site visits, data analysis, and performance tracking to ensure continuous improvement and accountability in operational practices.

At ReVal, our mining resource certification and technical auditing services are designed to empower clients with the knowledge, insights, and assurance they need to achieve excellence in mineral resource management and operational performance. Whether you’re seeking certification for mineral reserves, conducting due diligence for investment purposes, or improving environmental and social performance, our team is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and objectives.

Contact us to learn more about how our services can support your mining projects.

  1. Surveying:

At Reval, we provide specialized mine surveying services tailored to the unique needs of the mining industry. Our comprehensive surveying solutions are designed to support efficient and safe mining operations, ensuring accurate data collection, precise measurements, and effective management of mining assets.

Our team of experienced geologists utilizes cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to deliver accurate and reliable survey data for a wide range of mining applications. From initial site assessments and resource exploration to ongoing monitoring and compliance reporting, we offer a full suite of surveying services to meet the needs of our clients at every stage of the mining lifecycle.

Our Services include:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Volumetric Overburden Analysis
  • Drone survey
  • Open & Underground Mines Mapping

By partnering with Reval for mine surveying services, mining companies can benefit from our expertise, precision, and commitment to quality. Our surveying solutions help optimize mine planning, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, ultimately contributing to the success and sustainability of mining operations.

Contact us to learn more about how our surveying services can support your mining projects.

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